Important message!
On Saturday 15th January 2022, we will migrate servers to improve performance and stability. The IssMan WEB and Mobil applications will therefore be temporarily unavailable. We ask you to please check all your data is synchronized no later than Friday 14th January.

How do I get data synced to my mobile?
Please ensure your Upload data is at 100% on the mobile-app under Account > "Sync status" before Saturday. You can force sync your data by pressing the "Send my data" button under Sync status
The WEB part synchronizes automatically, so no actions required here.

New version 8.0.0
From Sunday 16th January, you will receive a message directly in the IssMan mobile application that a new version (8.0.0) is available. Please update to this version in the app. The synchronization starts automatically (Update is also available on the App Store and Google Play Store)